10 Things Artists do to get Online Booking


If you’re a performer of any kind, chances are that you need to get booked in order to get work. Because of that, you know you need to set up an amazing profile somewhere on the web for any booking agent to see. You want to get hired for gigs as quickly as possible, and sometimes you’ll never even have to touch the phone. So if you want to get booked online for a gig, think about these things that you can do to make it more likely.

Join a Website

When You’re trying to get booked online, one thing you’re going to have to do is have a place that booking agents and clients can find you. If you want your own website, make one, but if you want to actually get noticed you need your name on a website that the clients will know about already.

If you have your own website, it’s not a bad idea but you need to drive traffic to it. And to accept payment online you have to spend a lot of money and also to get on top of search in google you need to do SEO, so by having a profile on talents list we will save all this work for you, where you can create free profile and keep updating it having your own linkwww.talentslist.com/yourname plus you’re able to accept the payment online

Get People to Learn About You

On the subject of building up your fan base, it is definitely something you want to do. If you don’t have any fans, then your name won’t get passed around through word of mouth. Getting booked means that somebody has heard about you, sought you out, and decided that you are worth their time. They want  assurance that people will actually turn up to watch you perform, so if you can get your name out you’re doing great.

Make Friends

When you’re working events, shows, or taking a set at a bar, the chances are that you’re going work with other people in your line of work. You want those people as your friends, because if they like you they can recommend you. Networking will get your name out into the world as much as building up your fans, so when you have the chance to make new friends to work with, you should take it and start a relationship that helps you both.

Work with Them

If you’ve made your new network, you should work with them to build your set list, reputation, and list of people who know you. If you have a booking agent that you know well, you can ensure that he’ll think of you more often than any of the other artists looking to get gigs. Friendships are relationships that can get built upon, and when you have enough friends, they know that they can quickly hop online and book your time because you can and will work with them.

Get into Social Media

One thing you really need to do as an artist of any talent, is that social media is your friend. If you manage your Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and whatever else you use properly, you can bring yourself to client’s attention. With their attention focused on you, it will be far easier to get them to book you, especially if you give a web address to do just that. Like everything else on this list, you can’t rely solely on social media, but if you start working with it, it will definitely help you improve your chances of getting booked, on or offline.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Press Kit

Getting attention means that you need to be able to dazzle the people aiming to book you for a gig, and for that you’re going to need a Press Kit. A Press Kit is a collection of content that you have; from a biography, to a collection of photos, to a list of all past and upcoming gigs. You want one so that when your potential client goes looking for your material, it is all located in one central location. If they have easy access to everything that defines your style, then they will be more informed about your act and how best to use your talents. Your Press Kit is the book of your life, and you want the clients to love rereading it.

Keep Your Recordings Accessible

Like any great artist, your work is going to be easily accessible for your potential clients. You want them to be able to find and listen or watch your material. With easy access to what you are making to entertain your audiences, clients will be able to figure out that you are the perfect fit for their event and book you for their gig. You want enough of your material available so that when clients come looking, they will find everything they need to make the right choice.

Release for an Audience

When you are making your material, you want to make sure that you are making it for an audience. It doesn’t have to be a live audience, because it just matters that you are aiming at somebody when you create your act. If you try to generalize your material, you end up wearing a lot of different hats, and people will stop believing in the sincerity of your performance. You audience is your guide, because they are the people who attend your shows, buy your material, and help keep you afloat. Work hard to not disappoint them, because faithful fans tell a client that no matter anything else, booking you will get them a crowd of at least some size.

Play Live, Often

When you’re a performer, your bread and butter are obviously going to be your live performances. As a result, you want to do that as much as possible. When you are getting gigs, so long as you get paid, you should be happy for the work. Never get too high and mighty for the smaller jobs, because clients talk to each other. If you gain a bad reputation at one event, the chances are that everyone will know soon enough.

As said before, social media can be your friend, but it can also be your most bitter enemy. That’s why you need to play often, because if you can take in any crowd and any check, that means that you are a great choice to book. You can attract a lot of attention by playing live, and if you’ve got a great live performance, a booking agent could see your act and think you’d be great for something else. Websites like YouNow or smule are great for giving you a chance to practice live online, take advantage of the service

Perfect Your Image

A lot of the things you need to do in order to get booked for gigs online can get brought into one final point; your image is everything. You need to present the personality that makes clients seek you out and audiences love you, and you have to be able to keep it up.

It all comes down to the fact that people pay for the visuals, and if the image you present to the world doesn’t perfectly represent your act, there will be less understanding when you finally bring yourself out onto the stage. You want people to see your act and know what’s coming before they hear a single thing you have to say or sing. Make sure that people know you, before they know you.