How to Become a Strolling Magician (Close-Up Magician).

How to Become a Strolling Magician (Close-Up Magician).

Introduction: What is Strolling and Close-up Magician?

What is a strolling magician?

A strolling magician is a type of street performer, usually in the form of a magician. They perform close-up magic tricks for people who are walking by on the sidewalk.

This type of street performer is also called as an “urban street entertainer.” They usually do not use any big props or stage, but instead rely on their skills and creativity to draw in the attention of passersby.

How to Set Up a Strolling & Close-up Magic Show

Some of the most popular magic tricks are those that can be performed on the spot. These tricks can be done in front of a small audience or even for an entire crowd. They are usually done with a strolling magician setup, which is basically a prop table, cards and other items that are needed to perform the trick.

A strolling magician setup isIf you’re interested in new magic tricks, this article’s content may be the perfect place to start! one of the best ideas for impressing onlookers and making them laugh. This setup is also great for people who want to start doing magic on stage as it gives them everything they need in one package.

If you’re looking for some new magic tricks, then look no further than this article’s content!

Newest magic tricks for Strolling Magicians

The tricks are usually performed from the audience’s perspective. The performer will walk around the audience, performing a trick and then move on to another person in the audience.

The newest tricks for strolling magicians include:

1) Card In Wallet Trick

Card In Wallet Trick This is a modern and easy trick for amateur magicians. The magician asks the audience member if they have a wallet or purse on them or if they are wearing one. They then reach inside their pocket, pull out the wallet, and show it to be empty. After doing this once more to check for any suspicion from the audience

2) Coin In Mouth Trick

While reaching back, place the coin in the pit on the inside of your elbow. Now put your thumb partially in your mouth, as if you are going to flick something out of there. As you make the “flicking” motion, bend over a little bit and let the coin fall out of your arm. Everyone will think it fell out of your mouth!

3) Ring On Finger Trick

In a magic show, you’ll often see a magician grab his or her finger and make it look like they are wearing a ring. The audience is then surprised when the magician removes their finger from the ring and it falls off. They’re left with an empty hand that looks normal.

What is the Best Type of Event to Use a Strolling Magician For?

A strolling magician is a type of magician that performs magic tricks and sleight of hand in a public area. They are used at events such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate events.

The best type of event to use a strolling magician for is one with an open-ended time frame. This means that the event will last from 2-6 hours or more. Using a strolling magician for a short time frame will not give them enough time to perform their tricks properly.

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