5 Things to Know so You Can Hire Talent


If you know you need to hire talent for your event, you need to know a few things to get it done quickly, here are five:

What kind of talent you want?

Your venue is all set up, your location is established, now you need to decide the kind of act that you want. Do you want a magician that can work his way through a crowd and keep children entertained? Do you want a small classical band to build an ambiance for your event? Who are you looking for to bring brevity to your event? To keep your guests entertained between talking points? That is what you need to think about before you hire talent. The thing that takes the least amount of time to decide.

How big do you want the performance?

Next you have to ask yourself how large the act is going to be. If you want the big show, you look for the boisterous acts. So look for them at a dance or something similar that has a big stage. If you’ve got a stage at your event you’re going to want to fill it, so hire talent that does just that. If you don’t have that kind of space, you’re going to want a small location.

Before you hire talent, what are the aesthetics?

You’re going to want to make a visual choice for your event early, and that is going to inform the type of talent you hire. You need to hire a classical musician for a fancy dinner party, a comedian for a school reunion, a model for a small fashion show. You want to know the look of your event right from the start. Getting the feel of the artist that will go with it can be an easy part of the hiring process.

Is your budget big enough to take a big name?

One thing you have to focus on is your budget. No matter who you are, you aren’t going to want to spend boatloads of money on talent. It’s just a part of human nature to save as much as you can. If you spend thousands of dollars on just the artist that you want, you’ll feel like you’ve gone over budget. That’s the kind of feeling that always sinks into your stomach and just starts making you doubt every choice you’ve made. Fight that feeling, look for talent that fits with your budget, and do the math so you don’t get it wrong.

How much do you want your first choice?

If you find a great artist that fits with everything you want out of your talent, get them. People often start to torture themselves about finding the perfect choice too quickly. If you see somebody that you want, and you find yourself thinking you should look at a few more choices, do it. So when you realize that you’re still going to be picking your first choice, don’t stress about it. That’s a great feeling to have, and it can be liberating to pick the right choice immediately.