Are You an Artist Looking for Gigs?


Getting gigs is never going to be a walk in the park, but you want to be able to get as close to that as possible. In order to do that, you need to know what to do in order to get the gigs you’re hunting. There are quite a few important pieces to put together when you’re looking for work. You should know some of them.

Define Your Personality

If you’ve got an act, you want to be sure that it stays consistent. If one day you play smooth jazz, do magic tricks, or tell jokes you don’t want to swap your act the next day. You need to be a specialist, and master your trade.

Create an identity that clients can easily identify when they’re looking for artists. That way when they approach you it’s with a complete picture of who you are. You don’t want to confuse your potential clients before they even meet you after all. You may have a great repertoire of talents that you can show off; but if you try to show everything, it all gets lost.

When defining your personality, you need to:

  • Stay consistent
  • Keep focus
  • Create a full picture

Make A Sample of Your Work

If you get approached by a client, you want them to have a sample of your work to look at before they meet you. That’s why you should make a piece of entertainment that’ll get their attention. If it’s video, you want to make a great highlight real, just like an athlete will do. If you make a recording, be sure to use your best sets.

You want people to come to you when they have events that you want to perform at. If you’ve got something that shows off your skills, then they’ll know your act and be able to pick you. You don’t want to get called in only to find out that what you are going to is actually an audition. Getting hired for a gig is your end goal, and making sure that the client knows that is integral to getting there.

Find a Network

When you know you’ve got great material that you want to show off, you need to know where to put it. Finding a network that you can work with is incredibly important to getting the right gigs. You want to be able to keep coming back, traveling with, and working with the same people. That will build them up as solid friends and contacts who can get you in touch with fantastic opportunities.

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Partner with another act
  • Find an online networking site to work from
  • Work with friends, then friends of friends
  • Find a Talent agent
  • Or join a musician online marketplace

If you build up your network, clients will come to you. It doesn’t really matter how you go about building it, only that there are people who know your act, your talent, and your style. That way, when they have a gig that they want to fill with great artists, they know to book you first.