Easy Ways to Find Stylist Gigs


Nobody really knows where to look for a stylist. Stylist gigs aren’t where you get your hair done every two weeks. It’s the kind that gets you hired to look after an artist or model before a show. Finding one is often a matter of finding the friend of a friend, so if you want to find work that way, you need to know people. Sometimes, that isn’t possible, though.

So what you need to do is:

  • Put your name somewhere solid
  • Starting building a network
  • Work even when you don’t have work

Finding Solid Ground

If you’re looking for a gig as a stylist, you’re going to want to find an easy way to get know quickly. As it stands, there aren’t many possibilities around. Sites like Talents List will help you create a profile that potential clients can easily find. If you’ve got a solid profile set up to work from, you can start your efforts to get hired on a solid footing. You’ll have a link that you can send potential clients to when they want to see you or hire you. You’ll be able to create an image of yourself for the client to take a look at. They’ll be able to peruse to their satisfaction, and that will go a long way towards getting you hired.

Get to Networking

A lot of stylist jobs come from a friend of a friend, but they also come from the classic fashion companies. That’s where the big shows go when they want to hired a stylist. If you want to build up your network, find somebody who’s a stylist for a company and knows the business. Then get them to send work your way. No company can take every job. For the ones that aren’t in range, they are the ones you get yourself involved in. You’ll be able to do that, because your friends will be willing to share the gigs they can’t work with you.

Work Even When Not at at Stylist Gigs

If you have skills as a stylist, take advantage and get a part time job on top of your work on gigs. If you’re a hair stylist, that means that you can work in any barber shop. That means that your network will grow with every client that you see. There is no better time for gossip than during a haircut. You’ll be able to learn about events from CEOs, soon to be brides, and all kinds of other event creators. With that in mind, you could slip your name into as a potential asset. So work between gigs, because it will help you expand your knowledge on what’s going on and help you grow your business. Not to mention the fact that it will keep you fed.