How to Make Sure Your Act Grabs Attention


When you are setting out to plan your act, you want to make sure that whatever you come up with grabs attention. You never want your audience to get bored with your performance. That’s because a big part of an audience is potential clients. When you want a potential client to notice your act, you have to make sure that it is engaging. Grabbing a client’s attention is all about selling yourself. It’s so that having you perform at their gig is exactly what they want in the future.

You need to:

  • Get them hooked
  • Create stories
  • Make it visual

These are concepts that are the same in performing as they are in sales. So when you are trying to grab your client’s attention you need to start with a hook.

In any show you watch, there is always a sudden kick off that makes you stop and pay attention to the performance. For professional wrestlers it’s the introduction. For bands it’s the start of their first song, for magicians it’s the first trick. No matter what you are doing to perform, your first action is going to need to be a hook.

Build an act that grabs attention

After you’ve hooked your audience, you have to build a story around your act. It doesn’t have to be a complicated one, but everyone enjoys a narrative. When you create stories, you bring your act to life; from songs to stand-up. If your work doesn’t have an emotional arc that people can follow, they’re less invested.

To make people pay attention to your hook, you need to create a visual package. That should immediately snaps focus to you. Visuals are one of the most important parts of creating your entertainer personality. It is when people actually see you that they have the chance to get to know you at a glance. You want your appearance to be a presentation in and of itself. One that helps draw attention before you cast your hook and long after you finish your last story.

With these three pieces of your act brought together, you will be able to grab and maintain the attention of your audience. If you are interesting, engaging, or just plain entertaining you will get hired. There’s nothing more important than this, without attention from the people that matter you won’t be able to work.