Learning the Entertainer Secret to Success


If you’re trying to work as an entertainer, be it as a magician, stand-up comedian, or the host for an event, you need to know the biggest secret to success that exists. Be Malleable; there are a lot of ways to say it, but you have to be able to adapt to any situation that comes up. It seems like a simple thing, but any actor can tell you that learning to roll with the punches on stage can be difficult. Being malleable in your approach is the entertainer secret to success because it can affect everything about your act.

It isn’t the only secret out there, but malleability can go a long way to setting you up for success. With the right attitude, you gain the ability to work with a crowd. You can react to their enjoyment, playing off of their engagement with your performance so that whenever you introduce something new, you can make sure that they appreciate it. If you are prepared for the unknown, you can react to it and work your act naturally so that your audience is always getting the best material you have to offer.

Being adaptable means that you are following some of the most important aspects of an entertainer’s career.
  • Reacting to the audience.
  • Repeating good material when appropriate.
  • Relating your material to your audience.
  • Relaxing so you can go with the flow.

Getting these four aspects right can make or break your performance, so you want to be sure that you are implementing them to the best of your ability. Work hard to make sure that your act is great, and when you get up on stage don’t be afraid to work with your audience to make it more interesting than it would have been without them.

It’s all about practice, and you can only practice so much before you have to take your show on the road. Practice with an audience, so that you can see what does and doesn’t work. Take their reactions, and respond to them. If you’ve ever seen a stand-up, you know that audiences love callback jokes, because they mean you’ve been paying as much attention to them as they have to you. Make sure that when you are making your material that you are relating it to your audience, because if they don’t understand you, how can they enjoy your act? And with all of that, you need to be relaxed, because if you stress you will become your own worst enemy. So when you get up on stage, be malleable, and work it.