Online Reputation: Important for Finding Work | Talents List Blog


If you want to get hired, there are a few things that need to stay consistent. When a potential client looks for you online, you need to be easy to locate.  You need to be quick to review. You have to have a stalwart reputation. If your reputation doesn’t add up to a good talent, why would a client hire you for a gig? If they know that you aren’t going to put your whole heart into the task?

So what do you do?

If you want to have a great reputation, you need to know the key ways to build it. Getting people to see you as a fantastic artist is just like trying to get people to see you as a successful business person. You have to work with an honest and clear attitude that makes people actually want to hire you.

Talents List is a great example of where you can set yourself up and let your reputation build. Clients will always be looking for talent. When they can find it on a website like Talents List, they don’t have to look more. All they have to do is make sure you’re who they want.

Bad online reputations are bad for business

If you don’t have a clear record of good conduct, word is going to get around. You always hear stories about bands breaking up because one of them start acting like they’re god. Nobody wants to work with them after that. The same applies to you. If you get too bloated by your own ego, your reputation will suffer. People will start giving you less than acceptable reviews.

You also don’t want to create a reputation of less than stellar skill. Like your attitude, the atmosphere that you bring to the table when working can affect your reputation. If you bring a negative vibe to your gig, people are going to be less likely to hire you come the next one. You have to fight off negative imaging as hard as you can, because if you fail to do so, you could fail to get hired.