The Right Bio Can Land You Amazing Work


Getting your biography finished is one of the most important things that you can do. You need it when setting up your profile. If you’ve got nothing on your profile, you’ll end up falling behind. When clients start looking to book talent for a gig, you won’t be appealing to them. If you write up an effective biography, clients learn who you are. Then they are able to make an informed decision about whether or not to hire you.

So when you’re trying to land work, keep these 3 things in mind when trying to get hired:

  • Make your bio relatable

When you are building your profile, you are trying to sell yourself to clients. With that in mind, you want your profile to be relatable. That way they can see the person that you are along with the skilled artist that you are.

  • Spread it around

Don’t just write your bio down, show it off. To your friends, family, business associates, and beyond, then they can spread it around. If people don’t see your profile and the bio, how are they going to know who you are? Unless clients are desperate, they aren’t going to just browse Talents List for your name. You want them to find you before they even start looking. Otherwise they’re just as likely to go after someone else.

  • Show off more skills

There are plenty of talents that you can advertise for when you create your profile. At the same time there can be plenty that you can brag about when you’re making your profile. Writing your bio is like writing your life’s story of skills. That’s where you can brag about your personability, your stage presence, your willingness to stay after your act to talk to people or get out of the client’s hair quickly. The little things are important, and your bio can tell the clients all about them.