Talent Agencies Can Be a Thing of the Past


If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of paying a commision for your own work. You’re the one that builds your show. You put in the time to learn your lines. You step out onto the stage. Yet, there’s somebody else that’s making a whole lot more money than you are for all of your work. If you have any idea who I’m talking about, you probably read the title of the article.

What’s the deal with talent agencies?

Who wants to pay a talent agent to find gigs for them? Sure it can be useful, but it can also be ridiculous. If they increase the price of your service without you having a say in the matter. That’s how they make their money. They compound their cost onto the amount that you charge for your service. They then take that amount to the booking agents. Does it sound fair if you lose out on gigs because they add half as much or more to your fee?

There are agents out there who are getting paid at a union total, and there are some out there with regulation. At the same time you have to actually test for that kind of reliability. Instead you can find something that can take the place of the talent agent. You can find a resource that will spread the word of your skill to prospective clients. You can boast about your skills without any need for a talent agent to potentially mess things up. It’s a clear path between you and your client.

You don’t need them

That path is through Talents List, which give you the ability to advertise your own skills. Get yourself out ahead of the competition based on your own merit. Do it on your own skills. Let your potential clients know exactly what you can do. You can give more information about yourself than any talent agent will be able to. Let them fade into obscurity as you take center stage. Do it not only during the show, but during your professional interactions as well.

Talent agents don’t have to be an important piece of the puzzle. Talents List is one of many websites that gets them out of the way of your success. There are a lot of people out there who will tell you that a talent agent is the best way for people to learn about you. That’s thinking from before the days of the cell phone. You don’t need a talent agent to stay in an office and receive your gig offers. Now you’ve got your office in your pocket and a laundry list of contacts that are eager to see you up on stage.