Where to Look for Gigs as a Musician


Getting gigs is always a great thing as a musician. You don’t want to get stuck without work for long periods of time. So that means you aren’t making the money you need to support yourself. As a result, you need to know where to go in order to look for gigs, get hired, and make your living.

Look for gigs locally

One thing you can do, when you are starting out or facing a dry spell, is look for local gigs. There are going to be plenty of places that like to have live entertainment for their patrons. If you can find a gig working for one of these places, you can set off on the right foot.

Like with most things, you can find gigs on the internet to your heart’s content. There are websites that can list a hundred gigs that you could try and play for. You could apply for every gig in the world, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get picked for the job. There isn’t any harm in doing exactly that. This can result in you getting picked up by a booking agent and getting hired.

Use the internet to your advantage

Look for gigs on the internet, that’s where you find most of them. If you get invited to try out for a gig and you don’t get hired, all you’ll have done is waste your own time. There are websites that lets the clients come to you. That will give you the perfect avenue for consistent hiring. Websites, like Talent List, are the kind of programs that you join and then wait for the offers to come in. All you can really do is perfect your profile, so you want to know how to get gigs without the help of the internet.

The first place you want to go, after you’ve tried the internet, is to those same local bars. People talk, and if you put on a good show in one venue, people are going to hear about it. So spread your name around, make calls, and generally keep connected with potential clients. You want to talk to people, introduce them to your music, and generally get them to like what you can do. It’s all part of building up your network of potential gig givers.

In person, over the phone, and on the internet. Those are what you do, and where you go to look for gigs. You want to find the right job, have the right style, and get the right people to hire you. For that you need to get people to want to hire you, so impress them with your go to attitude in seeking them out.