Your Entertainer Personality Will Change Your Act


When you are starting your work as a talented artist, you are going to need to come up with your entertainer personality. What that is, is the go to attitude that you present to your audience when you perform your act. No matter what that act is, you need to create this persona to present to your audience so they have an attitude to associate with your act. Like with any character, it will be a small collection of traits that make up a pseudo-person, which gives the audience a chance to put themselves in your shoes and enjoy your act.

Your entertainer personality needs a style

If you’ve ever watched a stand-up special performed by the artist Bo Burnham, you know that there is a big difference between your actual personality and the one you give to your audience. Because of this, your entertainer personality needs to build a style that goes with the act. If you build a caustic personality, your material needs to be more on the edge of appropriate; you play classical music, you need to present a personality filled with poise.

If you look at any successful stage performer, you can clearly see that the performance is in the style. You don’t honestly expect the members of the band Kiss to walk around in full makeup every day of the year. Like with everything, your act needs a style that matches the personality you give to people.

Your style will determine what you get hired for

If you want to get hired for a wedding, you aren’t going to create a personality that clashes with them. The same goes for if you want to become a magician that performs daring stunts, you aren’t going to have your entertainer personality come off as nervous. The kind of personality you construct is going to help your audience identify the acts that you are going to performing.

When clients start looking for their talent, they take time to think about what kind of act they want. As a result, you need to shape your style so that you can attract clients you want to hire you. If you build a persona and an act that reflects your preferences, you’ll grab more attention from those preferred venues without too much trouble.

That is why picking your entertainment style will change your act. It will shape the kinds of gigs you get, the entertainer personality that you create, and how you perform. You want clients to find you, and you want them to appreciate your act, so when you get the chance create a style wholly your own, one that you will be happy to work with for years to come.


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